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About Us

Menter Iaith Conwy is one of the 22 Menter Iaith that works throughout Wales to promote and develop the Welsh language locally. The work of the Mentrau differs between counties because we all concentrate on a different way to provide Welsh experiences and promotion locally. We at Menter Iaith Conwy are also very lucky to be sharing an office with some of the Menter Iaith Cymru team, that run the Mentrau Iaith network and lead national projects.

Menter Iaith Dinbych-Conwy was established as a voluntary organisation in 1998 on the basis of a partnership with Clwyd language centre, Menter Dyffryn Clwyd and Menter Colwyn. Menter Iaith Dinbych – Conwy came to an end in September 2003 in order to form two separate entities which are Menter Iaith Conwy and Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych. The main reason for the separation was that Menter Iaith Dinbych-Conwy was developing rapidly. By becoming two different entities it has enabled us to run each company more efficient, especially the financial element. Since establishing Menter Iaith Conwy facilities have improved and the number of staff has grown rapidly.

We at Menter Iaith Conwy are working from our office in the middle of the market town of Llanrwst. Recently, we have purchased the old HSBC building in Llanrwst – and this is our new office. We hope to keep renovating the building floor by floor, so we can keep providing the public with opportunities through the Welsh language. The big hall that is situated in the top floor of the building will be a very exiting project, and we cant wait to get started on the plans and developments.

Our work is different every day as we work with all kinds of people from different language backgrounds, but every day is interesting! To have a better idea of the activities we offer on a regular basis, go to our News and Event page and to see previous big projects that we have been holding see our Projects page.

It is important to remember that our projects and events are mostly driven from the public’s needs and ideas – therefore we always welcome new ideas – please contact us with your ideas – or remember to pop by the office to see us, the kettle is always boiled!

Menter Iaith Conwy’s Board Members

Menter Iaith Conwy is ran by volunteers of the Conwy county community, and we are very grateful for their time and the great work they do.

Chairman – Huw Prys Jones

Secratary – Siwan Elenid Jones

Treasurer – Nia Owen

Eirian Jones

Wyn Jones 

Eryl P Roberts

Nia Owens

Tecwyn Ifan

Ffion Meleri Howarth 

Ian Jenkins 

Annette Evans 

Rhys Dafis 


Meirion Davies – Staff

Meet the Team