The Welsh Language

Situation of the Welsh language in Conwy County

The 2011 Census shows that 27.4% of the population of Conwy County can speak Welsh – this is higher than the percentage of the population of Wales which is 19%. It must be remembered that the strength of the Welsh language also varies from area to area – the biggest difference in Conwy County is the difference between rural Conwy and the Waterfront area. We are coming to the end of the 10 years on this so it will be very interesting to see what changes by 2021, with the Welsh Government: Welsh 2050 campaign launched for several years now.

Menter Iaith Conwy is just one organisation in a cluster of organisations working to support the Welsh language across the county of Conwy. Here is a list of our partners who are part of the Conwy County Language Forum, to ensure that we work together effectively to promote and support the use of Welsh within the county:

We are all (and many others) responsible for facilitating the use of Welsh among all ages within the county of Conwy and always welcome suggestions and enquiries.