Mentrau Iaith Cymru

The Welsh Language

The Welsh Language in Conwy county

THe 2011 Census shows that 27.4% of Conwy County can speak Welsh – this is higher that the percentage of Welsh population that can speak the language – which is 19%. We have to also remember that the Welsh language is stronger in some areas than other, the main difference being between the rural area and the coast. We are fast approaching the 2021 census and it will be very interesting how the numbers will have changed, and if campaigns like the Cymraeg 2050 by the Welsh Government have had an effect.

Menter Iaith Conwy is only one in tens of establishments that support and promote the use of Welsh over Conwy county. Here’s a list of our partners that are part of Conwy’s Fforwm Iaith – where we discuss different activities going on in the county and how to promote the Welsh language more effectively:

Urdd Conwy
Cymraeg i Blant Conwy
Dysgu Cymraeg North West
Library Service
Mudiad Meithrin
Conwy Youth Service
Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy
Ysgol y Creuddyn
Gr┼Áp Llandrillo Menai
Siarter Iaith / Cymraeg Campus
Llanrwst Family Centre
Eryri YFC
Merched y Wawr and Clybiau Gwawr

We (and many more) are responsible for facilitating the use of the Welsh language within every age group within Conwy, and we always welcome new suggestions and enquires.