Celebrating Llanrwst Heritage

Menter Iaith Conwy has a very exciting scheme underway which is the Llanrwst Heritage Celebration project.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery fund, along with Conwy Cynnalol, Llanrwst Town Council and the Snowdonia Experimental Fund funding certain elements.

It will project looking at the following:

  • The gwlȃn industry
  • Llanrwst Harp
  • Sports camps – dating back to the 1890s
  • Create an Animation of the history of Llanrus
  • Creating a time lineage of the history
  • Drama / Performance on the legends of the area

We hope to have a full day of activities and exhibitions in September so be sure to follow us on Twitter @DathluLlanrwst and @DathluLlanrwst Facebook, for more details.

Energy Scheme

Following our work with the Aled Senior Area Committee and the analysis of the “Neighbourhoodau Cymraeg Thriving” framework and our Social Enterprise programme we came to understand that sub-construction and economy was one of the areas threatening the future of Welsh as a community language. We see the alternative energy field as an opportunity to create resources and work for high Welsh percentage rural communities.

We are currently working on a specific plan;

  1. Energy Audit Ysbyty Ifan – A scheme to measure energy consumption and ways of producing and using energy locally. The idea of this is to help make a Welsh-speaking village more sustainable.

Outdoor Training Scheme

The result of a recent Bangor University Study showed that there is a huge shortage in the number of Welsh speakers working within the outdoor adventure industry in the north West; with only 5% able to speak Welsh. So as a reaction to this Menter Iaith Conwy is trying to change the situation by applying more Welsh in the field creating local sustainable employment, and welshising the outdoor industry in Wales. Whatever your interest is from walking to climbing, cycling to canoeing we will do our best to qualify you in your sport.

The Snow Club

Annually, Menter Iaith Conwy runs a Welsh medium snowboarding club organising skiing and snowboarding festivals. The club is a weekly based in Llandudno and chill Factore. In the past we have travelled to the Portes Du Soleil area, in France, here is a taste of a little of the fun the gaswom there, in January, 2013

To book a place, Contact a Bedwyr Ap Gwyn who is the Outdoor Agency Development Officer

Welsh Social Enterprise Scheme

To develop the potential in this area we have been hiring an officer to assist and support the local groups that have already formed under the mantle of Menter Iaith Conwy, as well as collaborating with other Welsh communities and neighbourhoods to do the same. The aim would be to develop the groups so that they can;

  • develop opportunities to improve the provision of Welsh available in the area.
  • or to vanish on economic opportunities to create jobs for Welsh speakers.

By developing local enterprises there will be more opportunities to create new jobs and encourage enterprise among Welsh communities ensuring a strong foundation for Welsh as an economic skill or tool.

It is also a strategy by Menter Iaith Conwy to develop “Social Enterprises” to strengthen the position of the Welsh language (by providing opportunities/services), which will also become self-sufficient and create additional income streams for Menter Iaith Conwy. This also assists in the creation of new jobs which will be a means of preventing emigration.